“Do you mind?”

English Lesson: Do you mind?

You're trying to read a book. Your boyfriend is humming a song loudly while he reads something on his computer. It's annoying you, so you say this.

Do you mind?

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Do you mind?

When someone is doing something rude or annoying, you can ask "Do you mind?" in an angry way. For example, you can use this phrase in situations such as:

  • Someone is making noise when you're trying to concentrate.
  • You're trying to watch a show on television, and a family member sits right in front of you so that you can't see.

You can also ask "Do you mind?" in a more friendly way when you're asking to use something that belongs to another person. For example:

A: You can use the shower here if you want.

B: Do you mind?

A: Not at all! Go right ahead.