“Ew! I stepped in dog poop!”

English Lesson: Ew! I stepped in dog poop!

You smell a bad smell. You realize that the smell is coming from your shoe, so you look at it. It has some brown stuff stuck to the bottom of it.

Ew! I stepped in dog poop!

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Make this sound when you see, smell, or hear about something disgusting.

Another similar interjection is "Yuck!"

(someone) stepped in (something)

When you're walking and you step on an area which has some kind of liquid or sticky thing, you have "stepped in" that substance.

For example, you can "step in":

  • a puddle
  • dog poop
  • a spilled drink
  • some used chewing gum

In contrast, you "step on" solid things:

I stepped on a piece of broken glass.

dog poop

"Dog poop" is a dog's solid waste.

The phrase "dog poop" doesn't sound too disgusting or rude. It's kind of cute-sounding, actually. A more negative phrase is "dog shit".