“How do you take it?”

English Lesson: How do you take it?

Someone you work with has come over to your house to visit. You offered him something to drink, and he said that he'd like a coffee. You ask him this to find out if he likes sugar and milk in it.

How do you take it?

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How do you take it?

Ask this to find out how someone wants to drink tea or coffee that you're giving them. Most people have a preferred way of drinking these beverages. Some people like milk and sugar in them, while others don't.

Here are some possible answers to this question:

I take mine black.

(This is used more for coffee than for tea.)

Just like that is fine.

(When someone has made some coffee or tea and you don't want them to put anything in it.)

Just a little sugar, please.

A little milk and sugar, please.