“I can put in a request to Building Maintenance.”

English Lesson: I can put in a request to Building Maintenance.

You're an administrative assistant. One of the employees in the department you work in has complained about the carpet in his office being old and messed up. You offer to help.

I can put in a request to Building Maintenance.

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I can (do somthing).

Offer to try to fix a problem with this phrase:

A: Oh no! We forgot to bring water.

B: Well, I can ride back into town and get some.

A: Dale is going to be really upset when he hears about this.

B: I can talk to him. I'm usually pretty good at calming him down.

"I can..." sounds friendly and helpful.

You can also say "I could..." if your suggestion is a little strange, creative, or unlikely to work:

I could call my friend who works at IBM and see if they have any job openings there.

put in a request (to someone)

Some organizations have a formal process for requesting (asking for) things. For example, if you work at a university, the university may have a system for asking for more staff.

In situations like these, you "put in a request" to ask for something. "Putting in a request" means that you submit your request in the correct way.

Other examples of "putting in a request" include:

  • asking your boss for permission to take a long vacation
  • asking your company to move to a different branch
  • asking your local homeowner's association for permission to renovate your house

There are also other things that you can "put in", including:

put in an application for something

put in a reimbursement request (to get paid back for money that you spent for your job)

put in a resignation (which means to formally quit your job)


Building Maintenance

The "Maintenance" department of a company is responsible for fixing things, and keeping the buildings and equipment clean and safe.

A department which does maintenance for a company's office building might be called the "Building Maintenance" department. If you want to talk about that department, you can just call them "Building Maintenance":

Do you want me to call Building Maintenance?