“I don't have one on me.”

English Lesson: I don't have one on me.

You met someone at a business networking event. After you talked with them, they asked you for your business card. You say this because you forgot bring one.

I don't have one on me.

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(someone) doesn't have (something) on (them)

When you say that you "don't have ___ on me", it means that you don't have it right then:

A: Can I borrow a pen?

B: Sorry, I don't have one on me.

This phrase is useful because just saying "I don't have ___" can have two different meanings:

  • you don't have it now
  • you don't own it at all

You use "I don't have one on me" when people ask you for things like:

  • business cards
  • cigarettes
  • a pen

You can also say "I don't have one with me", but "on me" is usually better if the object is small and can fit in your pocket or purse.