“I don't know... it just cuts out sporadically.”

English Lesson: I don't know... it just cuts out sporadically.

A friend is staying with you at your apartment. He's trying to use the Internet, but it's stopped working. He asks you why. This problem happens a lot for you, but you don't know why it happens.

I don't know... it just cuts out sporadically.

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(a signal) cuts out

When something stops working for a short period of time, it "cuts out":

Sorry, what did you say? My phone cut out.

Things that can "cut out" are services which are usually continuous, like electricity service, a telephone connection, Internet service, etc.

(something) just (does something)

One of the many ways to use the word "just" is to talk about something that happens suddenly:

He was there, and then he just vanished.

It just stopped working all of a sudden.

(something happens) sporadically

If something happens "sporadically", it happens sometimes in unpredictable patterns.

Some examples of "sporadic" events include:


a sick person's coughing

big changes in the stock market

The word "sporadically" sounds a little bit technical. You use it like this:

The water in the building goes out sporadically. It's so annoying.