“I guess so.”

English Lesson: I guess so.

You are going out to see a movie with a group of several people. Everyone is trying to decide which movie to watch. Someone suggests watching a certain romantic comedy. Several people agree, but someone asks you if you're OK with that choice. You don't really want to see it, but you will go along with what the majority of people want. You answer this way to be agreeable.

I guess so.

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I guess so

"I guess so" is a very useful phrase for reluctantly agreeing with someone. "Reluctantly" agreeing means agreeing but also showing that you're not completely happy to agree.

A: Please come. It'll be so much fun!

B: All right, I guess so.

A: Cool!

A: Would it be OK if I borrow your pink shirt for my date tonight?

B: Uh, I guess so.

When you say "I guess so" the stress should fall on the word "guess". The pitch of your voice should also rise on the word "guess" and then fall and rise on "so"