“I have to renew it soon. It expires in June.”

English Lesson: I have to renew it soon. It expires in June.

You're talking about your driver's license with your office assistant because you need to rent a car on your next business trip. It's old, so you'll have to get a new one soon. This is what you tell your assistant.

I have to renew it soon. It expires in June.

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renew (a license)

A license like a driver's license only lasts for a certain length of time. After that time, you have to "renew" it. Renewing a license means continuing it for more time. It's usually easier to renew a license or other document than to get a completely new one.

People also renew things like:

(something) expires (sometime)

Many contracts, licenses, memberships, and subscriptions have an "end date". This end date is called the "expiration date". We say that the contract, etc. "expires" on that date. After that date, we say that it "has expired" or "is expired".

For example:

When does your passport expire?

I forgot to pay the bill, so our renter's insurance expired.

(something happens) in (a month)

Use "in" to talk about things that happen during a month:

We're going on a trip in June.

You also use "in" for a year:

I met him back in 1993.

On the other hand, you should use "on" for days:

Let's have lunch on Wednesday.