“I hear you're considering going into medicine.”

You're a doctor. Your friend tells you that her daughter, who's a high school student, has started to say that she might want to be a doctor when she grows up. When you see your friend's daughter, you say this.

I hear you're considering going into medicine.

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I hear (clause)

Use "I hear ___" when someone tells you information about a person and then you want to talk with the person about it. It's a good way to start a conversation with someone at a party or other social situation.

So I hear you speak Korean.

I hear you're training to run a marathon.

consider (doing something)

To "consider ___ing" means to think carefully about doing something, so that you can try to decide whether you want to do it or not. Before you make a big decision, you "consider ___ing" for a while. For example:

We're considering buying a house.

You would say this when you've started to talk with your husband or wife about buying a house, but you haven't definitely decided whether to buy one yet.

A more casual way to express the same idea is "thinking about ___ing":

I hear you're thinking about going into medicine.

go into (a field)

To "go into" a field means to start a career in that field.

Here are some fields that you can "go into":

  • go into law (become a lawyer)
  • go into finance (become a stock trader, financial analyst, etc.)
  • go into education (become a teacher)
  • go into law enforcement (become a police officer)
  • go into medicine (become a doctor or nurse)