“OK, let's shoot for Wednesday.”

You're planning to meet a woman who you met on an online dating site. You've been e-mailing her, and she wrote back with her schedule. Today's Monday. She can't meet this week, but she can meet next week on Wednesday. You write this to agree to meet that day.

OK, let's shoot for Wednesday.

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let's (do something)

Make a suggestion using "let's ___" when you're pretty sure that the people you're speaking to will accept your suggestion. If you're not as sure, you can say "why don't we ___":

Guys, why don't we call it a day.

shoot for (a day or time)

Use "shoot for (a day or time)" when you're trying to plan when you're going to do something, but you're not 100% sure that the day or time you've decided will work. Here's an example for talking about when a long-term project will be finished:

I'm shooting for early August.

next (Monday/Tuesday/etc)

Explaining what day you're talking about can be difficult. If today is Saturday July 24th, here's what you should call each of the days of the week:

  • Sunday, 7/25: "Tomorrow"
  • Monday, 7/26: "Monday" or "this Monday"
  • Tuesday, 7/27: "Tuesday" or "this Tuesday"
  • Saturday, 8/1: "next Saturday"
  • Sunday, 8/2: "next Sunday"