“I’m conscientious, detail-oriented, and a hard worker.”

English Lesson: I’m conscientious, detail-oriented, and a hard worker.

You're applying for an internship. You're writing a cover letter to send with your application. You list some of your best qualities.

I’m conscientious, detail-oriented, and a hard worker.

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(someone) is conscientious

A person who is "conscientious" works hard to do their job well. They want to do the right thing and to be helpful to the people around them.

The main thing we look for when hiring someone is someone who's conscientious and honest.

Conscientiousness is a very positive quality.

(someone) is detail-oriented

You can use the phrase "___-oriented" to talk about the way that a person thinks and what they care about. For example, a person who is "success-oriented" cares a lot about succeeding.

"Detail-oriented" is a positive way to describe someone who pays close attention to details.

To be a good executive assistant, you absolutely must be detail-oriented. You can't let anything slip through the cracks.

(someone) is a hard worker

A "hard worker" is someone who puts great effort into their work. Some things that a "hard worker" might do include:

  • working extra hours
  • working steadily throughout the day without taking many breaks
  • doing their work quickly
  • paying extra attention to the quality of their work