“I take it you disagree...”

English Lesson: I take it you disagree...

You're dealing with a big problem at work. You've shared your opinion on how to deal with the problem. One of your coworkers looks annoyed or angry, so you don't think she agrees with your solution. You ask her about it.

I take it you disagree...

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I take it (clause)

"I take it..." is a slightly formal phrase which means "It seems..."

For example, if you came home late in the evening, and there's no dinner, you might say to your family: 

I take it you ate already?

If you're at a sports bar, and someone sitting next to you is watching a baseball game on the TV and cheering whenever the New York Yankees score a run, you can start a conversation by saying: 

I take it you're a Yankees fan.

This expression comes across as kind of cool and understated.

(someone) disagrees

We usually follow the word "disagree" with "with (someone)":

She disagrees with me.

Or you can talk about the topic of the disagreement using "over" or "about":

We disagree over a lot of things.

But you can also use "disagree" by itself:

I disagree.

I think we need to control government spending. Do you disagree?