“I work for a small bridal wear manufacturer.”

English Lesson: I work for a small bridal wear manufacturer.

You're at a restaurant. The waitress is very friendly, so you start chatting with her. She asks what you do for a living. You explain what the company you work for does.

I work for a small bridal wear manufacturer.

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a (something) manufacturer

A company that makes things in a factory is a "manufacturer". Some common types of manufacturers include:

  • car manufacturers
  • clothing manufacturers
  • electronics manufacturers

bridal wear

"Bridal wear" is a category of clothing. It's the kind of clothing that people wear at weddings.

You use the phrase "___ wear" when speaking or writing about a category of clothing. For example:

Sales of sportswear have fallen by 10% over the last three years.

Here are some categories of clothing that can be described as "___ wear":

  • formal wear / formalwear
  • sportswear
  • bridal wear
  • casual wear

You usually only use "___ wear" when talking about clothing as an industry or a product. It would be strange to comment about a friend or coworker's "casual wear".

work for (an employer)

This is how to talk about the kind of company or person that you work for:

I work for a company that makes camping equipment.

I work for the government.

I work as a nanny for a family that lives near here.

People also use the words "work at" when talking about a company:

I work at a company that makes camping equipment.

But "at" would not be able to replace "in" for the other examples listed.