“I'll probably have to go to an accountant this year.”

In the past, you have done your taxes on your own. But you started a business this year, so your financial situation is more complicated than in the past. You think you'll need an accountant to help you. You say this while talking with a friend about taxes.

I'll probably have to go to an accountant this year.

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(someone) will probably have to (do something)

Use this expression when you're not sure, but you think someone will have to do something in the future. Here's another example:

Mark will probably have to work on that day, but he should be free on the following weekend.

go to (a professional)

To "go to a ___" means to visit a professional to get service from them. Here are some examples:

Have you gone to a doctor?

I think you need to go to a mechanic.

I used to go to this psychic sometimes to get my fortune told.

an accountant

An accountant is a person whose job is to calculate information about people's or companies' money. One of the jobs of an accountant is to do taxes.