“I'm more interested in having a really authentic local experience.”

Your friend is going on a trip to Italy and has signed up for a guided tour. Now you're each discussing your thoughts about tours. You told him that you don't like going on tours, and this is how you explain why.

I'm more interested in having a really authentic local experience.

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interested in (doing something)

Use "interested in ___ing" to talk about things that you want to do, when you're discussing them in a general way. "Want" has an immediate feeling. You use it for something that you want to do soon:

I want to go to Disney Land!

But you use "interested in ___ing" for things that you think would be fun, but you're not planning on doing them really soon and you might not do them. This is good for asking people questions about something you might do in the future:

Are you interested in learning French? I'm thinking of taking a class, but I don't think I'd really be able to stick with it unless I had a friend taking it with me.

an authentic experience

The word "authentic" is tricky. It means "real" but is used in certain situations. You use "authentic" to talk about international food, for example:

Do you know of any good, authentic Vietnamese restaurants here in the city?

I also use the word "authentic" to describe the kind of English sentences I try to write on this website:

On PhraseMix.com, I try to teach authentic English that you can use in the real world.

So an "authentic experience" is an experience that seems real and natural for that situation. People who want an "authentic experience" in a foreign country want to eat at the same restaurants that locals eat at, talk to locals who aren't paid to be tour guides, and see what life is like in that location.


"Local" means "close to (somewhere). You can use it to talk about things that are close to you, or for things that are close to another location. In the example at top, "local experiences" are things that people in the area that you're visiting usually do. Other phrases that use the word "local" include:

  • local businesses
  • the local government
  • local residents (people who live in that area)
  • local bands