“It sounds like you have a difficult decision to make.”

Your best friend has been offered her dream job. But if she takes the job, she will have to move to a new city and break up with her boyfriend. She tells you about this situation. You say this to express to her that you understand how hard this choice must be.

It sounds like you have a difficult decision to make.

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it sounds like (clause)

Use this phrase when you want to comment on or summarize something that you've been told. For example, if someone tells you about a lot of annoying things that happened to them today, you might say:

Sounds like you had a bad day.

As you can see from this example, in casual spoken situations you can drop "It" from the beginning.

Using "it sounds like" and summarizing what someone has said is a great way to show someone that you're listening to them and that you understand their feelings as well as their message.

(someone) has a decision to make

This means that a person has to decide something. This phrase is usually used when talking about big decisions with important consequences. You wouldn't use this phrase to talk about deciding which movie to watch, for example, unless you were saying it as a joke.

Words that you can use to describe the decision are:

  • have a big decision to make
  • have an important decision to make
  • have a difficult decision to make
  • have a tough decision to make