“It takes place in Ancient Rome.”

English Lesson: It takes place in Ancient Rome.

There's a TV show that you like which is about Roman gladiators. You're describing the show to a friend who hasn't seen it. You start by saying this.

It takes place in Ancient Rome.

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(a story) takes place in (a time and place)

Use this phrase to describe the setting of a movie, book, TV show, play, etc. The phrasal verb "take place" means to "happen", so the sentence describes where and when the story happens.

You can follow "take place" with either a time, a location, or both:

It takes place in the 1930's.

The novel takes place in rural China.

I saw a movie that took place in 18th century France.

It takes place in a school for young wizards and witches.

Another way to explain the same idea is "___ is set in ___":

It's set in Ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome

The word "ancient" means "extremely old". One way that people use it is to name famous civilizations in history. Some of the most common examples are:

Ancient Rome

Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Mesopotamia

All of these civilizations are more than a thousand years old.