“Just let it go, hon.”

English Lesson: Just let it go, hon.

You're driving with your husband when another driver cuts you off very rudely. He's very angry and wants to respond. You tell him to just relax and forget about it.

Just let it go, hon.

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Just (do something)

This is an order to do something. You're telling someone to do only what you ask, without discussing it or protesting. Some examples:

Just shut up.

Just listen!

Can you just stop it please?

This can seem commanding, but in the right situation, it can also seem helpful:

Just be confident. You'll be fine!

let it go

To "let it go" means to stop worrying or being angry about something:

I try to let it go, but the more that I think about it, the angrier I get

You usually use the word "it" in this phrase, but sometimes you can use "things", like this:

She's always been really good at letting things go and not letting herself get stressed out about silly stuff.


"Hon" is short for "honey". It's a name that you can use for someone who's close to you. Here are some examples of when someone might use "hon":

  • a mother speaking to one of her children
  • a wife speaking to her husband
  • an older woman talking to a younger coworker who's also a close friend

It's not as common for men to use "hon". You also wouldn't use it with your lover in a really romantic situation.