“Let's definitely keep in touch.”

English Lesson: Let's definitely keep in touch.

You're at a business networking event and meet someone who you might be able to do business with. You want to continue to talk to this person after the event. Near the end of your conversation, you say this.

Let's definitely keep in touch.

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Let's (do something).

The phrase "Let's ___" is well-known to English learners. However, learners often over-use "Let's ___" and use it in situations where it isn't appropriate.

When can you say "Let's ___"? You usually use it when you're suggesting something that you're sure the listener will accept. If you're meeting a friend for lunch, then you're sure that they will agree to eat with you. So you can say:

I'm starving! Let's eat.

In situations where you're not sure how the listener will respond to your suggestion, you can use other phrases like "Would you like to ___?", "Why don't we ___?" or "We should ___":

Would you like to go out to dinner with me some time?

Why don't we meet at 7:30?

We should get together some time and have a drink.

keep in touch

To "keep in touch" means to continue to contact a person. You use this phrase to talk about people that you met in one situation but don't see often. For example, people that you went to school or worked with:

How's Jason doing? Have you guys kept in touch?

Let's definitely keep in touch.

People often tell each other "Let's keep in touch", but often don't keep in touch with the people they say this to. And you sometimes use "Let's keep in touch" with people that you don't have any interest in talking to. So when you really want to keep in touch with someone, you have to say it in a stronger way.

Adding the word "definitely" to "Let's keep in touch" helps to show that you really mean it.

You may also need to add more emphasis afterward:

Let's definitely keep in touch. I'm serious.

Let's definitely keep in touch. I mean it, let's talk soon.