“Mmm! This is terrific!”

English Lesson: Mmm! This is terrific!

You are eating dinner at your wife's cousin's house. You don't know this cousin very well. You are enjoying the food and want to thank your wife's cousin's cooking. While you're eating, you say this.

Mmm! This is terrific!

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When something tastes good, people make this noise:

Mmm! Yummy!

"Mmm" sounds similar to the sound "m" but lasts longer.

(something) is terrific

The word "terrific" means "extremely good".

He's a terrific singer too.

"Terrific" is a useful word because it shows strong positive feelings but it's not too casual. You can use it in business situations, speeches, with people you don't know very well, and in writing.

A much more casual, slangy word that shows strong positive feelings is "awesome":

Jamie, this meat loaf is awesome!