“My infant is running a fever of a hundred and two.”

English Lesson: My infant is running a fever of a hundred and two.

Your baby is sick. You took his temperature, and it's higher than it should be; he has a fever. You call a doctor, and explain the problem.

My infant is running a fever of a hundred and two.

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an infant

An "infant" is a young baby that's under about a year old.

Parents don't usually call their kids "my infant". They usually call them "my son", "my daughter", or "my baby". But when you're talking to a doctor, you may want to specify that your child is an infant, since health problems for infants are very different from those that older children have.

(someone) is running a fever

The phrase "running a fever" means that you have a fever. A "fever" is when your body's temperature is too high.

When you want to say the temperature of a person's fever, say "running a temperature of ___". You can also put the word "degrees" at the end of the temperature:

I was running a temperature of a hundred and five degrees.

a hundred and two

This is one way to say the number "102" There are other ways to say this number, like:

one oh two

one hundred and two

However, "a hundred and two" is the way that most people would say this number when they're saying a temperature:

It's a hundred and ten degrees outside!