“My long-term goal is to open my own restaurant.”

English Lesson: My long-term goal is to open my own restaurant.

You are talking to a person you just met at a party. You say this while telling him about your job and your career goals.

My long-term goal is to open my own restaurant.

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(someone's) long-term goal

A "long-term" goal is a goal that someone plans to achieve several years in the future. Usually we think of a long-term goal as something that will happen in about 2-15 years.

Here's an example:

Do you have a specific long-term goal that you're working toward?

Of course, you can also talk about a "short-term goal", which is something you want to accomplish in a few weeks or in a year or two.

(someone's) goal is to (do something)

When you describe someone's goals, you say that their "goal is to ___":

My goal is to have it finished by the end of July.

Our goal is to improve sales by 10% this quarter.

You can also use similar words like "dream" or "plan" in the same way:

His lifelong dream was to become a writer.

My plan is to get into law school and study Environmental Law.

open a (store)

Use the word "open" to describe starting a store or restaurant:

Did you see that they opened a new Apple store near Lincoln Center?

my own (something)

Talk about something that belongs to you alone (meaning that you don't share it with anyone) with the phrase "my own ___":

I own my own home, I've got a steady job, and I don't have any debt.

You can also talk about "your own ___":

Running your own business is incredibly hard.