“Nah, she's way out of my league.”

English Lesson: Nah, she's way out of my league.

A friend suggests that you ask out a girl that you have a crush on. You think she's too pretty and doesn't like you in that way.

Nah, she's way out of my league.

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This is a casual way of saying "No." Use it with friends and family members.

A: Do you want me to pick you up something to eat?

B: Nah, I'll just make myself a sandwich or something.

(someone) is out of (someone's) league

A person who is "Out of someone's league" is too beautiful, handsome, rich, or cool to date them.

This phrase comes from sports leagues. If you're a member of an amateur sports league, you can't compete with someone who's in a professional league. In the same way, person who's a lot better-looking or cooler than you is "out of your league".

way (something)

Use "way ___" in comparisons. It means something like "much" or "very":

She's way better at this than me.

It's not up to me; I'm way too far down on the totem pole.

Don't get angry. You're way too sensitive.

"Way ___" fits in most spoken conversational.