“No, I'm self-taught.”

English Lesson: No, I'm self-taught.

You're an artist. You met someone who likes your work. She asks if you have any formal training in painting. In fact, you don't have any formal. You don't have any formal training so this is how you reply.

No, I'm self-taught.

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(someone) is self-taught

Someone who learned how to do something without taking classes or going to school is "self-taught". If you read books about it or got a little advice from other people, it's still OK to call yourself "self-taught".

You usually use the phrase "self-taught" to talk about people who learned complex skills that other people have to take classes for. For example:

  • computer programming
  • music
  • a foreign language (like English!)

Being "self-taught" is seen as kind of cool and interesting in a lot of English-speaking cultures.