“Oh wow, that sounds really interesting.”

English Lesson: Oh wow, that sounds really interesting.

You're chatting with the person sitting next to you on an airplane. He tells you that he's a professional writer. You're impressed, so you say this.

Oh wow, that sounds really interesting.

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Oh wow.

Say this when you hear something surprising, interesting, or upsetting:

A: I met Michael Jackson once.

B: Oh wow. Really? How did that happen?

A: So, it looks like we're moving to San Francisco.

B: Oh wow. You're moving? When?

"Oh wow" is OK in both casual and formal situations.

That sounds interesting.

"That sounds interesting" is a common phrase in English. You can use it in a wide variety of situations:

When someone says something interesting, you can use this phrase with an intensifier like "really" or "so":

That sounds so interesting!

You can also use "That sounds interesting" (by itself, without "so" or "really") if a person says something and you just can't think of a good response:

A: I'm a student at the law school.

B: Oh yeah? That sounds interesting.

You can also use this phrase if you want to hear more about an offer or proposal:

A: I think that you'd be a great actor. Would you consider acting in one of my web videos?

B: That sounds interesting. Where do you film them?