“Ooh, pretty!”

English Lesson: Ooh, pretty!

You and your sister bought a gift for your mom's birthday, but you wrapped it at your house yesterday. You show her the ornately wrapped present on the way to the birthday party.

Ooh, pretty!

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People say "Ooh" when they're surprised by something, or when they suddenly notice something.

For example:

Ooh, I forgot to tell you: I'm going out of town next weekend.

Ooh, my back is sore!

You can use "Ooh!" for either positive or negative things. But there's another version of "Ooh" that's pronounced with a longer sound which has a completely positive meaning:

Ooh, those make you look so intellectual!

(Positive adjective)!

When you give someone or something a compliment, you don’t always need a complete sentence.



Sometimes people will say a short exclamation first, like ‘ooh!” or ‘wow!’

Ooh, nice!

Wow, beautiful!

(something) is pretty

"Pretty" is similar to "beautiful" but it's not as strong. Things that you can describe as "pretty" include:

  • a woman
  • a baby
  • women's clothing and accessories
  • a painting

For more information about the differences between "pretty" and "beautiful", read this article: What's the difference between "beautiful", "pretty", "gorgeous", and "handsome"?