“Say "bye bye" to grandma and grandpa.”

English Lesson: Say "bye bye" to grandma and grandpa.

You visited your wife's parents. You're leaving now. You want your son to say "goodbye" to his grandparents.

Say "bye bye" to grandma and grandpa.

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bye bye

"Bye bye" is a way to say "goodbye". It's what we teach young children to say.

Bye bye daddy!

Adults can also say "bye bye". When an adult says it, it sounds sweet and friendly.

grandma / grandpa

"Grandma" is a name that you can call your grandmother. "Grandpa" is a name for your grandfather.

Different families use different names ("Granny", "Granddaddy", "Nana", "Pop-pop", etc.) but "Grandma" and "Grandpa" are probably the most common.