“See how the alert message changed when you did that?”

English Lesson: See how the alert message changed when you did that?

You're teaching a coworker how to use a database application. You're explaining how to fill in an important form. You notice that something changed on the screen, so you point it out to your coworker.

See how the alert message changed when you did that?

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See how (something happened)?

When you're training someone or giving them instructions, you can point something out with this phrase:

See how the "ready" light just lit up? That means that it's ready to use.

This phrase is equal to saying "The 'ready' light just lit up. Did you see that?"

Here are more examples:

A: See how it just cut off?

B: Yeah. What happened?

A: You let the clutch out too quickly.

See how the stripes are really dark on this one? That means it's ripe.


an alert message

An "alert message" is a warning on a computer or other machine. It tells you about something that you should pay attention to.

One place that you might find alert messages is on a bank website. If you're logged in for a certain amount of time without any activity, an alert message will pop up and ask you if you want to stay logged in.

You may also find alert messages on your phone when the phone's battery starts to run out.

Similar to "alert messages" are "warnings", which are a little more serious, and "notifications", which are less serious.