“She has such bad taste!”

English Lesson: She has such bad taste!

Your sister likes a really cheesy TV show. She agrees that the show isn't that good, but she likes it anyway.

She has such bad taste!

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such (something)

The word "such" is similar to "so" except it's used with nouns instead of adjectives:

That song is so cheesy.

That is such a cheesy song.

The meaning of "such" is similar to "very".

(someone) has bad taste

When you say that someone "has bad taste", it means that they like things that you think are unattractive or uninteresting.

You can tell the topic of a person's bad taste by saying "bad taste in ___". Common topics that people have "bad taste in" include:

  • bad taste in clothes
  • bad taste in men
  • bad taste in music

You can also say that someone "has good taste".