“Their staff is extremely helpful.”

English Lesson: Their staff is extremely helpful.

Your friend asks you to recommend him an electronics store. You tell him about your favorite one, where the employees always are friendly and give you helpful tips.

Their staff is extremely helpful.

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"Staff" is a word that means "employees" or "workers". People usually use the word "staff" when they're talking in general about the entire group of people who work somewhere:

The staff there is super friendly and helpful.

"Employees" is more often used when you're speaking from the perspective of the boss:

Have you ever had to fire an employee?

"Staff" is a collective noun, so you use it in singular form to talk about the entire group:

Afterwards, the entire staff went out to celebrate.

If you want to talk about just one or just a few people on the staff, use the phrase "staff members":

One of the staff members at my gym asked me out yesterday.

extremely (adjective)

"Extremely" means "very" but is even stronger. For example:

Landscape architecture is an extremely competitive field.

Some other common adjectives that are used with "extremely" are:

  • extremely important
  • extremely difficult
  • extremely high/low (for a number or amount, not for actual height)
  • extremely rare
  • extremely difficult