“There's always drama with those two.”

English Lesson: There's always drama with those two.

Your cousin and her boyfriend fight a lot. You've heard that they've broken up for the fourth time. You can't believe that their relationship is so difficult, so you think this.

There's always drama with those two.

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there's always drama with (someone)

It's hard to have a simple relationship with some people. You have problems with them like:

  • arguments
  • jealousy
  • suspicion

To describe a relationship like this, you can say "there's always drama with (someone)". That's because these are the kinds of problems that characters in plays and TV shows have.

You can say "there's always drama with ___" about a single person who causes problems, or about a group of people who always have problems with each other:

There's always drama with you.

Jeez! There's always drama with these guys.

those two

Use the phrase "those two" to talk about two people who have some kind of relationship with each other. It can be a romantic relationship, an argument, a friendship, or any other kind of relationship.

You use the phrase this way:

What are those two talking about over there?

This phrase is similar to "you two":