“This is our recently built state-of-the-art laboratory facility.”

English Lesson: This is our recently built state-of-the-art laboratory facility.

You work at a new research laboratory at a university. You say this at the beginning of the tour you're giving a group of visitors.

This is our recently built state-of-the-art laboratory facility.

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recently built

A "recently built" laboratory is one that has just been built recently. "Recently built" is a phrase that you may often hear. A few other common phrases with "recently" are:

  • a recently published book
  • a recently released movie
  • a recently completed project
  • a recently announced campaign
  • a recently discovered planet


You call something "state-of-the-art" when it's new and uses the latest, most recent technology:

Do you have any idea what a state-of-the-art website like that would cost us? Tens of thousands of dollars, at the least.

The city is planning to open a new state-of-the-art light rail system by the end of 2014.

a laboratory

A "laboratory" is where scientists do their experiments.

When you're talking about a laboratory informally, you can call it a "lab".

a (something) facility

A "facility" is a building or group of buildings that are used for a specific purpose. Here are some examples of different kinds of facilities that you may come across:

  • a sports facility
  • a research facility
  • a (military) training facility
  • a water treatment facility
  • a storage facility