“This one really speaks to me.”

English Lesson: This one really speaks to me.

You're at an art gallery. You find one painting that you really like. It makes you feel great. You say this to a friend who's standing next to you.

This one really speaks to me.

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this one

Use "this one" to talk about something that's close to you right now, or very recently. For example:

A: Which one do you like?

B: I like this one.

Have you seen this one? (Pointing at a video on your computer) 

Why do you need "one" with it? "This" and "that" can also be used by themselves:

I like this.

People use "one" when they're choosing one thing out of a group. It's like you're saying "this one, not the others".

(a work of art) speaks to me

You can use this phrase to talk about a painting, a movie, a song, or other work of art that gives you strong positive emotions. When art "speaks to you", it makes you notice new things about life.

You can also use this phrase in the past tense:

Her poetry really spoke to me.