“Ugh. My sleep cycle is still totally out of whack.”

English Lesson: Ugh. My sleep cycle is still totally out of whack.

You went on a vacation in a country on the other side of the world. You've been home for a week, but you still can't go to sleep at a normal time. You complain about it to a coworker.

Ugh. My sleep cycle is still totally out of whack.

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English speakers make this sound sometime when they're tired and annoyed.

For example:

The baby woke up.

Ugh. Again? All right, let me go put her back to sleep.

(someone's) sleep cycle

Your "sleep cycle" is your pattern of waking up and going to sleep.

We usually talk about someone's "sleep cycle" when there's some kind of problem with it. For example, if you go to sleep too late every night, you can say:

I need to reset my sleep cycle somehow.

(something) is out of whack

Things that are "out of whack" are not working properly.

Things that you can describe as being "out of whack" include systems like:

  • a person's body cycles, including digestion, menstruation, and sleep
  • the climate in a certain part of the world
  • a company's communication system

This is a very casual, colloquial phrase. A more formal way to say "out of whack" is "out of balance".