“We’re down 4% over last year.”

English Lesson: We’re down 4% over last year.

You're giving a presentation on your company's financial performance. You're showing a chart which compares this year's earnings with last year's. You explain that the company made a little less this year.

We’re down 4% over last year.

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We're (at some number)

In business, people sometimes talk about sales or other important numbers this way:

We're at 3 million for the quarter.

What this means is:

(Our sales are) at 3 million for the quarter.

People also say "We're up", "We're down", "We're flat", "We're growing", etc.:

We were growing by about 10% per month, but we're flat this month.

(some number) is (up/down) over (a previous period)

You can compare numbers for one time period to a past time period with the word "over":

Profits are up 10% over last quarter.

This means "Profits  are 10% higher than they were in the last 3-month period."