“We're #1 in customer satisfaction!”

English Lesson: We're #1 in customer satisfaction!

You have a small shop where you sell furniture. You're going to advertise your shop on the Internet. You want customers to think that you're friendly and that they can trust you, so you write this in the ad..

We're #1 in customer satisfaction!

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When you're writing or speaking formally about the company you work for, use "we":

We have around 3,000 employees.

We're working on a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.

This is usually a better way to talk about your employer than to say "our company" or "my company".

You can also write or speak about the company by its name.

(something) is #1

The best, greatest, most important thing in some category is "#1" (pronounced "number one").

We're #1!

You can use this phrase to talk about things like

  • an athlete or sports team
  • a company in an idustry
  • a product

If you want to specify what the category is, you can say "#1 in ___":

They've been #1 in sales for the last 20 years or more.

customer satisfaction

"Customer satisfaction" means how happy a business's customers are with the business. Here's are some examples of how to talk about "customer satisfaction":

We strive for a high level of customer satisfaction.

Companies measure customer satisfaction through "customer satisfaction surveys". That's what it's called when a company asks customers to rate how satisfied they are with the company.