“We're constantly inundated with advertisements in our society.”

English Lesson: We're constantly inundated with advertisements in our society.

You're involved in an intellectual discussion about society. You think that having too many advertisements is harmful.

We're constantly inundated with advertisements in our society.

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(something) is constantly (happening)

"Constantly" means "all the time" or "again and again many times". You use it like this:

She's constantly criticizing me. It's annoying.

The word "constantly" has a slightly negative sound. Even if you're talking about something that is usually positive, if you use "constantly" it seems like you might be a little annoyed.

People are constantly coming up to me and telling me, "Oh, you're so beautiful" but I'm like "Whatever."


(something) is inundated with (something)

The word "inundate" means for a lot of something to come into a place or to a person.

For example:

Ever since I joined Facebook, I've been inundated with friend requests from all of my former students.

This means that the speaker has received a lot of Facebook friend requests.

Here are some collocations that are often used with "inundate":

  • inundated with information
  • inundated with requests
  • inundated with questions
  • inundated with complaints

The word "inundate" is academic and intellectual-sounding.


An "advertisement" is some way for a business to get customers, for a politician to get votes, for an organization to change people's opinions, etc.

Forms of advertising include:

  • T.V. commercials
  • internet advertisements
  • billboards
  • printed advertisements in a newspaper

When people talk about advertisements, they usually use the casual word "ads":

I saw an ad for this cool gardening tool you might like.

You can use the full form "advertisement" in formal writing, formal speeches, or when you want to sound more intellectual.

in our society

The phrase "our society" can mean a few different things:

  • the country that you live in
  • your country and others that share similar values
  • all of the people in the world