“We've developed a new and improved version of the site.”

Your company just made some changes to its website. You are talking to a client and want to tell them about the new features that were added. You start by saying this.

We've developed a new and improved version of the site.

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develop (something)

To "develop" something means to work on something to help it grow from small and incomplete to large and complete. Here are some things that people develop:

  • develop a system for doing something
  • develop a relationship with someone
  • develop new technology
  • develop new skills
  • develop a new understanding of an issue

(something) is new and improved

"New and improved" is a phrase that's often heard in advertisements. Companies call a product "new and improved" when they've created a new version of something or made improvements to it. You will often see "New and Improved!" written on a product's package.

Because this phrase is associated with advertisements, you wouldn't call something "new and improved" in a conversation with your friends unless you were making joke by pretending to be in a commercial.

a version of (something)

The word "version" means a new and slightly different copy of something that already exists. For example, if you write an essay, print it, then make changes to it and print it again, you have two versions of the essay.

But this word is a little tricky because if you just change one word of the essay, it probably wouldn't be considered a different version from before. There are different times that we could call it a new version, depending on the situation:

  • When you save the changes you made, that could be considered a new version.
  • When you print out a new copy with changes on it, that can be called a new version.
  • When you submit the document with changes made to it, that's also a new version.