“What if we rented a moving van instead of hiring someone?”

English Lesson: What if we rented a moving van instead of hiring someone?

You and your family are planning to move to another city in 2 months. You haven't fully planned how you're going to move all your stuff yet, but you have an idea. While you're having dinner with your wife, you brought up the topic of the move. Now you make this suggestion:

What if we rented a moving van instead of hiring someone?

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What if (we / you) (did something)?

The question "What if we ___?" is used to suggest doing something. When you say it in this way, it sounds like you're suggesting a new idea that you had. It also sounds like you're only suggesting one possible way of doing something, but you haven't decided that it's the best way yet. Some examples:

What if we offered a two-for-one deal?

You can also say "What if you...":

What if you tried applying for a job at a nursing home?

rent a moving van

A "moving van" is a truck that people rent when they are moving. It's shaped like a delivery truck and usually comes with a dolly to help you move things. Some people do this and move their own things instead of hiring a moving company to do it for them.

hire (a service person)

"Hire" is the verb you use to describe paying a moving company to move your things for you. You also "hire" people like plumbers, electricians, lawyers, and personal trainers:

You may want to consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions.