“Wow, is that old place still around?”

English Lesson: Wow, is that old place still around?

You're visiting the town where you went to college many years ago. You're riding around the town with a college friend who still lives there. You ride past a book store that you used to go to a lot, and you're surprised that it's open.

Wow, is that old place still around?

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"Wow" shows that you're surprised.

People often say "wow!" in a a really excited tone of voice, but you can also say it in a relaxed and calm voice if you're reacting to something that's only a little surprising.

that old place

Use this phrase to talk about a restaurant, bar, store, barber shop, etc. which has been in business for a long time or which you remember from a long time ago.

For example:

I haven't been to that old place in years!

(something) is still around

When you're talking about something old, you can say that it is "still around". This means that it hasn't disappeared, closed down, died, etc. For example:

A: Has Professor Downey retired yet?

B: No, no. He's still around.

Use "___ is still around" to talk about people, businesses, buildings, organizations, etc.