“You didn't even ask me how my day was!”

English Lesson: You didn't even ask me how my day was!

You're at home with your husband on a weeknight. You're mad at him because he's been reading a book and hasn't paid attention to you at all. He sees this and asks what's wrong. You answer.

You didn't even ask me how my day was!

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How was your day?

This is a question that people ask their family members when they get home from work. You don't ask it immediately when you walk in the door. Instead, you ask this question to signal that you want to start a conversation with them.

In many families, it's expected that you'll ask it each day. If you don't, your husband, wife, or child might get mad and say:

You didn't even ask me how my day was!

If someone asks you how your day was, you should tell some short stories about things that happened to you that day.

(someone) didn't even (do something)!

Use this expression when you're angry about someone's behavior. You think that there's a basic standard, but this person didn't meet that standard. For example:

He didn't even call you on your birthday? What a jerk!

In this example, you actually think that this person should have done more than call. He should have sent a gift or taken this person out for dinner.

Here are some more examples:

They didn't even offer to help me.

It took over an hour for them to bring us our food, and they didn't even apologize!