“You've almost outgrown these.”

English Lesson: You've almost outgrown these.

You're putting your son's shoes on him. They're tight.

You've almost outgrown these.

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(someone) has almost (done something)

Use this phrase to talk about something that will be finished soon:

They've almost finished that new office building over on Ninth Street.

I had almost tripled the money that I invested, but instead of cashing out, I decided that I would try to invest even more.

You can say that something "is almost ___" or that things "are almost ___":

I'm almost done with my Master's degree.

outgrow (something)

When things grow older or bigger, then "outgrow" the things that used to fit them. For example, children outgrow clothes:

She's outgrowing her clothes every few months it seems like.

A plant can outgrow the place where it's planted:

It'll outgrow that pot soon, so we'll have to transplant it.

You can also outgrow something mentally:

You still play video games? When are you going to outgrow that stuff?

these (shoes)

If you're talking about a pair of shoes that are close by, you call them "these":

What about these? They're nice, don't you think?