(a story/song/movie) was moving

A "moving" story is one that makes you feel strong emotions. The emotions that are associated with feeling "moved" are:

  • sadness
  • hope
  • joy
  • nostalgia
  • gratitude (being thankful)

Another way to describe it is that a "moving" story, photograph, song, or movie makes you feel empathetic to other people's feelings. It makes you imagine other people's pain, happiness, and dreams.

Use "moving" in these forms:

  • (something) is so moving

    What did you think of it? I thought it was so moving!

  • a moving (something)

    "Adagio for Strings" is such a moving piece of music.

  • (someone) is (adverb) moved by (something)

    I'm deeply moved by your generosity.

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