I'll take that as a '(yes/no)'.

When someone's response to a question isn't clear, you might have to guess what their answer is. You can announce what you think their answer is with the phrase "I'll take that as a ___"

I'll take that as a "yes", then.

 This means "It seems like you meant yes, so I'll act as if you've said "yes" to my question."

You can also use this phrase as a joke when someone has been very, very clear about their answer:

A: Hey, do you want to go camping with me one of these days?

B: Camping? Hell no! Absolutely, positively not. Never in a million years.

A: OK... well, I'll take that as a "no".

Note that you always use "a" before "yes" or "no" when you use this phrase.

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