"Mom" is the most common title for people to call their mothers.

There are other titles that are not quite as popular but used in different situations:

  • "Mommy" is used mostly by very young children. After about 6-8 years old, it becomes "uncool" to call your mother "mommy".
  • "Mother" is a word that we might use when talking about our moms in an adult-sounding way, but for most people it sounds too formal to use when talking to your mother.
  • "Mama" is another more childish-sounding name. It's more popular in the South, though.
  • "Ma" is a name that I associate with certain groups of people in the Northeast, like Irish- and Italian-American families.

Some people call their parents by their first names, but that's usually only after the children have grown up. It's also usually just for untraditional families.

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