(something) wears (someone) out

Use the phrase "___ wore me out" to mean that something made you tired. Here are some examples:

When you're at the top and everyone's out to get you, it wears you out mentally.

All the fighting and arguing just wore me out. I had to go in the other room to be alone for a few minutes.

From these examples, you can see that you can be worn out "mentally" (in your mind). You can also get worn out physically (in your body):

You're going to wear yourself out really quickly trying to carry that much.

And you can also use the phrase "wear ___ out" to talk about physical objects as well as people. To "wear out" an object means to use it so much that it start to look old and maybe starts to break:

My old one's kind of worn out-looking.

It only takes me about six months to totally wear out a pair of sneakers.

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