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Free Audio English Lesson Week 1

Phrasemix Free Audio English  Lessons teaches English learners exactly what to say in realistic, real-word settings.  Each week’s lesson  create scenarios and situations English learners may find themselves in on in given day.

Phrasemix Audio Lessons are...

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Top 11 Apps to Study English Online

We will never know the true importance of learning a second language until we wake up one day and realize that we can't read a menu, order a coffee, or understand the bus schedule because everything is in a language we haven't been expending any energy to learn.

English fluency has been...

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Use LinkedIn Like a Pro: Hot Tips for Students and Recent Graduates

Anyone who has ever at least thought about getting a job for sure must have heard about LinkedIn. This is one of the world’s most popular social media with a steadily increasing number of active users. Unlike other communication digital platforms, LinkedIn has a focus on career...

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Tips to Ace TOEFL Writing Section

The Writing Portion is the fourth and final section of the TOEFL Exam that you must complete.

For individuals to thrive intellectually and socially when attending university, they must have a strong grasp of English writing. 

More than 10,000 universities accept TOEFL including the most...

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Popular English learning mobile apps you should install today

When it comes to learning the English language, one of the best tricks you can use involves using applications. There are many great English learning mobile apps out there for you to think about using. Each app provides an enjoyable, easy way to learn the language. However, with so many apps out...

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English Phrases Quiz 10/01/21

Guess which words fit in the blanks to complete each key sentence. Answers are at the bottom!

1. This is a phrase to use when you're sharing your opinion:

“They've lost it, if ___ ___ ___.”

2. This is a relaxed way to say goodbye to someone:

“All right man, ___ it...

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How to Write Professionally on Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Writing about Cause and Effect Essay Topics: The Right Way

Did you ever have to write a cause and effect essay? If you had such an experience, you should know that without a bit of practice it is rather hard to get these things right. It is one of the less common types of academic writing that...

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How To Lose Weight Fast And Naturally?

If you ask people around you about how they lost weight, you will get enough suggestions to get confused. Because different individuals follow different regime, diet plans, and supplements to ensure rapid weight loss. While some regimes will sound legit, others might lack any scientific evidence...

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Six Factors To Consider While Choosing An Online MBA Program

Either you want to advance your career without quitting your current job or opt for higher education without relocating, an online MBA is an ideal option for you. Online MBA programs give you the freedom to learn at whatever time suits your schedule. Either you are a professional, a stay-at-home...

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3 popular English Learning video channels you should check out

When it comes to learning the English language, many great options exist. However, for those who spend a lot of time online, you might want to consider checking out English learning video channels. What, though, are the best channels to tune-in to?

The top three English learning video channels...