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Why Writing Skills Are Important in Social Media

In the age of Youtube, TikTok and IGTV writing doesn't seem to be as important as before. People got along with Twitter that allowed only a few sentences and Instagram, where the written text wasn't important at all. So why should we still develop our writing skills to be successful in...

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Dental Terms for Non-Native English Speakers


Your teeth, gums, and mouth are concerned with dental or oral health. The objective is the avoidance of complications such as cavities and gum disease and the maintenance of your mouth's overall health.  

To be more concise, Dr. Saul N. Miller, DDS...

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5 Online Resources to Get Inspired for Writing a Scientific Research

Scientific research, just like many other assignments, is vital for high-quality education. Such projects are assigned to students in order to cultivate self-learning, as well as test their skills and knowledge. This is a common assignment in most educational facilities and, at the same time, it...

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5 apps for students that help study English more productivity

The Bible tells the story of the Babel Tower. That is the place where people started speaking different languages across the globe. What the Good Book says the Tower did, the English language is undoing nowadays. Connecting with people around the world has never been easier. Although English is...

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How to describe different kinds of websites in English

The Internet is huge, and there are a lot of different kinds of websites out there. If you spend time on the Internet, it's helpful to be able to talk about the different kinds of websites you use in English. Here's an overview of some of the different kinds of sites you might come...

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How should I use PhraseMix Premium?

Congratulations! You have a Premium membership. Now what? 

Here are some Premium features that you should try out:

The Phrase Mixer audio review tool

An audio player on each Lesson page

Downloads of weekly collections of lessons

Member-only articles 


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The Best English Articles About Environment

For the last couple of years, the health of our planet has been on the tongues of people and countries all over the world. Companies and governments have started to implement strategies to curb our pollutive habits and create healthy and sustainable ones instead. 

You only have to do a quick...

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English phrases for car owners


If you own an automobile, there are lots of things that you have to do to keep it running and in good shape. This article will teach you how to talk about those responsibilities in English.

Financial responsibilities

Most car owners have car payments that they have to make....

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Phrases for starting a meeting in English

When people get together for meetings, it's rare that they get actually straight to the point of the meeting. Usually there's a bit of introduction at the beginning of a meeting. This article is about some of the expressions that people use at the beginning of a meeting.

A very formal...

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6 Essay Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

Students are supposed to write a pile of essays when they attend college or university. Writing is a difficult task for almost all students because they never learn to write professionally when they are in high school.   

Writing in English might be more challenging, especially for...