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Listen to 100 Popular Proverbs with Explainations


What are they? And why are they so important?

Proverbs are considered an important aspect of any language for many reasons. If nothing defines a culture more than its language, nothing encapsulates a society’s most intimate beliefs, values, and wiseness better than proverbs. But...

50 More Important English Idioms

50 More Important English Idioms

51. beyond your years

When something is not what you thought it was, you can say that it is beyond your wildest dreams.

52. Dig in your heels

Digging in your heels means that you refuse to do something whenever somebody convinces you to do so. They will try all they can, but you will not give...

50 Most Important English Phrases


50 Most Important English Phrases

50  More Most Popular English Phrases

Are you traveling for business or pleasure to an English speaking country? Maybe your dream is to visit or move to America than it is important to understand the language. There are several phrases that can help you sound more like a native...

50 Most Important English idioms

What are idioms?

Idioms are phrases which are commonly used by native speakers of English to make the language more fluid.  Another term for idioms is ‘slang’.

How can you use idioms to learn English?

It’s imperative to know the most common idioms because you can’t...

50 common English Phrases

50 Common English Phrases

Are you planning to take a trip to an English speaking country? Do you want to impress people around you with a mastery of the queen’s language? Discover the top 50 most common English phrases. These will make your communication easier, richer and more enjoyable. 

1. How is it...