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Phrases for talking about sleep in English


This morning, I woke up early and felt sleepy. It made me think about crawling back in bed. And then I started to think of all the ways that you can describe sleeping, going to sleep, waking up, staying awake, and so on:

Going to sleep

  • go to bed 
  • fall asleep
    What's the difference? You "go...

Corrections to 30 Japanese English words and phrases

People in Japan use a lot of borrowed English words and phrases. Most of them have the same meaning in Japanese as they do in English. But there are also a lot of "Japanese English" words and phrases which sound like English, but are used differently. Here are some correct English...

24 phrases for describing your health problems and symptoms in English

Doctor examination

Being able to explain how you feel in English is extremely important if you live or travel in an English-speaking country. You need to be able to tell a doctor exactly how you feel. For example, is your pain sharp, dull, excruciating? Is it a burning pain, or do you feel sore? All of these...

How to talk to young children in English

Do you know these English phrases for talking with young children? Words that English speakers use with kids have a lot of repetition ("no-no", "pee-pee", etc.) and often end in the "i" sound ("doggie", "yucky", etc.)

Here are some common examples of things people say to young children.

  • Good...